Identify Sources of Financial Help

Are concerns about money making it hard for you and your loved one to focus on more important matters, such as managing pain and living the final chapter of life as fully as possible? If so, there's information on this Web site that can help. It is written specifically for people with end-of-life financial issues. Reviewing this material on your own or with your loved one may provide answers to some of the biggest financial questions your loved one—and you as caregiver and as a spouse, relative, or friend—may have. As you review this information, it may give you some ideas for steps to take in your own financial planning when you're ready for that.

The biggest sources of end-of-life financial help, particularly as sources of payment for hospice, are private health insurance and government programs like Medicare. But where can people in end-of-life situations turn for more help if they need it to take care of their family and pay bills and expenses? First, take a look at your loved one's financial assets, the ones listed on the Financial Inventory Worksheet [PDF].  He or she may be able to get help from various sources.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization,

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